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Patient information collection



Preparation for your appointment

What is the first visit like? Your initial visit will be 1-2 hours. You will have time to tell your story and health history and the doctor will do any pertinent physical exam. The doctor will spend the last portion of your visit preparing your treatment plan and then answering any questions you have about your recommendations. You will receive several pages individualized to you as your "wellness plan". Your wellness plan will have one or more pages dedicated and individualized to you on the following topics:


  • Dietary Recommendations

  • Lifestyle/Stress Support/Exercise/ Sleep

  • Medicinary (Nutritional Supplements, Herbal Medicines, Medications)

  • A chart drawn out on the above for ease of use

  • Referrals to acupuncture, chiropractic, massage within our office or other specialists outside (cardiologist, etc)

  • Laboratory recommendations

  • Recommended follow up visits and/or nutrient treatment visits (injections or IV)


After you leave the doctor, you will then meet with the ND assistant who will review with you how to perform your labs and take any supplements/herbs that were recommended. This generally takes another 15-30 minutes, so make sure you have at least 2.5 hours in your parking spot! 




I searched out a ND a few years ago after getting fed up with feeling sick all the time and not getting answers from my general practitioner… Since then Dr. Trebilcock has become my primary doctor. She helped me to navigate my food sensitivities which were numerous. She has also been able to help me with a borderline underacting thyroid condition that my general doctor tested for but never thought needed to be addressed.

2 things alone have turned my life on it's head. I have gone from being foggy brained, lethargic and constantly sick to having more energy, clear headed and eager to continue becoming healthier.


S. Q

I am big fan of Dr. T.  She is so knowledgeable and thorough, and sweet…..She provides ample time to explain everything to you, and while we were waiting for her to write up a very in-depth list of lifestyle and nutritional suggestions, she gave us a binder to flip through that was full of articles/studies that were pertinent for my health issue.  .  After taking her tincture/supplements, I already started seeing benefits the day after!  Pretty amazing!  Thank you Dr. T!!

T. N.

Dr. Trebilcock has been my primary doctor for eight years.  I appreciate her profound knowledge of holistic healing practices and her sincere care for my well-being.  When I had a major health crisis, I went straight to Dr. Trebilcock and am grateful for the nuanced, intelligent on-going care that she has given me including dietary recommendations, herbal supplements, western medicine prescriptions (when called for but not in excess!), and lifestyle guidance.  Through treatment with Dr. Trebilcock, I have become more educated and empowered about diet, herbs, and healing practices, and how my daily choices can support and create my own healthfulness.

Feeling vibrant and energized is priceless.  Dr. Trebilcock's services are in demand….she does reserve appointments for acute issues so you can schedule a same week visit when you're really sick and need to see her right away.

I believe that Dr. Trebilcock is one of the best doctors in LA and I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about getting their health on track and feeling good.

A. C.

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